Battery Upgrade

Brown field 1,270 m3/d (8,000bbl/day) Oil Treating Battery Upgrade project to handle emulsion from gathering system, internal trucked-in fluid and third party trucked-in fluid.  The facility...

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Booster Station - model 01
Booster Station - model 02

Berwyn Gathering System

The project involved the grass roots design four (4) well sites and 800HP Sales Gas Compressor feeding into a third party pipeline. The well head pressures were quite low and the gathering...

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Berwyn Single Well Battery

The project involved the design of a single well oil battery which included a Separator Package, Water and Oil tanks.

Delivery was the main driver on this project for the client. The...

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Booster Station

Brown field 160 m3/d (1,000bbl/day) Booster Station project to handle emulsion from gathering system boosted to the main oil treating battery and gas plant.  The facility upgrade included...

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Booster Station - building

Central Processing Facility

Green field 320 m3/d (2,000bbl/day) Oil Treating battery with 20 MMScfd Gas Plant project to handle emulsion from gathering system and internal trucked-in fluid.  The facility was planned for...

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Manitok Processing Facility
Manitok Processing Facility - model
Manitok Processing Facility 2