Avon Hills Tank Farm 05
Avon Hills Tank Farm 02
Avon Hills Tank Farm 01
LACT Pump Station, Pipeline & Tank Farm
Steel Reef Infrastructure Corp.
Avon Hills, Saskatchewan

Brown field 1,590 m3/d (10,000bbl/day) Midstream Pipeline to handle sales oil from Oil Treating Battery to Sales Terminal.  .  The facilities included three parts: 1. LACT Pump with redundant spare and future capacity  2. 204mm (8") 53km steel pipeline with pigging faciliites, 4,770 m3 (30,000 bbl) tank farm with inlet/outlet LACT and pump building. BSG Engineering was responsible to scope the project through to commisioning which included regulatory registration and compliance, procrument and construction. The entire facility was built modular / pre-fabricated and bolted up at site.

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